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Introducing our new training workshops for 2023 - Hosted by the Forum.

NEW for 2023, in partnership with The Forum, at this year's Call and Contact Centre Expo, you will have the opportunity to attend 4 training workshops!

To see what the sessions are about, hover over the images below!

Once you have selected the session or sessions you would like attend please use the the form below to secure your spot.

Forecasting and shaping the future with playbooks Workshop.

The purpose isn't to predict the future it is to prepare for the future. The one thing we can predict with confidence is that the future will be uncertain.

In this workshop we will explore how to forecast uncertainty and have the right plans and playbooks in place to be prepared to deal with this.

If you’re a resource planner, data analyst, operational leader, or team manager! Understanding playbooks is critical to delivering exceptional contact centre performance so attend this workshop to learn how to manage uncertainty from strategic horizons, through to monthly operating plans, down to the on-the-day intraday operational management.

Hybrid, flexibility and future ways of working Workshop.

Scheduling doesn’t get any easier, however with over 20-years of best practice and learning from pioneering new ways we are better equipped than ever to design a flexibility toolkit.

Regardless of your role within the Contact Centre understanding scheduling and flexibility is an important skill to develop to ensure you do the right things for your business, your customers and most importantly your people.

This workshop will explore the challenges of scheduling and how the flexibility toolkit supports changes and how we can learn from inspirational best practice case studies.

  • Learn the key concepts to build sustainable flexibility.
  • Benchmark yourself by learning what other organisations have successful implemented.
  • Develop understanding of the key considerations to promote a learning culture alongside an improved employee experience.

Productivity and understanding the true value of time Workshop.

As Contact Centre professionals do we see time away from the operation mainly as a cost to control? Instead, how could we analyse where each different area of time is adding value? We need to look from the colleague as well as the customer and commercial point of view.

This worshop will look at how, in a operational environment we need to understand these considerations and how this can influence our decision making:

  • Learn from best practice examples, to understand how to benchmark against other organisations.
  • Understand how decisions can affect adjacent measures to the ones we expected and overcome unexpected consequences.
  • Takeaways ideas and examples to support your role in understanding the true value of time.

Operating model design and effective target setting workshop

Understand how to design the right operating model for your customer and colleague journeys, with the right supporting metrics to drive learning and improvements. Move away from traditional poor target setting, which drives the wrong behaviours to a more measured approached which drives continuous improvement.

This workshop will use best-in-class examples to illustrate sustainable operating models along with thought leadership and pioneering new approaches.

  • Learn the pitfalls to avoid and top tips from the best-in-class and award winning case studies.
  • Establish an operating rhythm which focuses on what matters most and drives action and improvement.
  • Walk away with a clear sense of purpose, full of new ideas and best practice examples.