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Employee and Customer Experience  

Check it out: when your employees are happy, your customers can't help but be thrilled too! 

To level up your experience you’ll need to know how to create an awesome workplace vibe and supercharge those customer experiences, and that is where this track comes in. 

Let’s be honest if you nail these then everyone will be grinning like there’s no tomorrow. 

Social Media  

Social media – the ultimate communication powerhouse. 

Discovering the secrets to nailing this channel is a mighty journey, but this track will guide you through the power of connection, customer love and brand wizardry. Keep an eye on those insights and you’ll have a social power that will be incomparable to others.  

Digital Transformation [AI] 

The robots aren’t taking over but the digital revolution has happened, and it’s time to take the next step. We want it to sharpen our aim and objectives to help us to automate, create, iterate, delegate, communicate and innovate. Embrace AI and all things digital to make you a superhero. 


We’re looking for that VIP treatment to make us feel warm and fuzzy. To create that special something we want crystal clear customer insights, personal touch in communication, and to unlock the power of our new AI friends. If we do this, we’ll be delighting customers every single time! 

Brand Loyalty  

We’re going on an adventure to discover the connection between brands and customers and what that special something is to create a relationship that never ends. From strategies that foster brand loyalty to creating a mutually beneficial environment, you’’ have your customers hooked in no time. 


It’s time for the data geeks to shine! While you can unravel patterns and find hidden treasures within your customer data, it can be difficult to get and understand the answers to your questions. 

Releasing this insight locked in your data is part skill, part technology and here we aim to level up both parts.