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WORKSHOP: Operating model design and effective target setting

30 Nov 2023
The Training & Networking Zone
Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency , Workforce Management & Training

Understand how to design the right operating model for your customer and colleague journeys, with the right supporting metrics to drive learning and improvements. Move away from traditional poor target setting, which drives the wrong behaviours to a more measured approached which drives continuous improvement.

This workshop will use best-in-class examples to illustrate sustainable operating models along with thought leadership and pioneering new approaches.
• Learn the pitfalls to avoid and top tips from the best-in-class and award winning case studies.
• Establish an operating rhythm which focuses on what matters most and drives action and improvement.
• Walk away with a clear sense of purpose, full of new ideas and best practice examples.

Spaces are limited, so register for the session here now!

Phil Anderson, Director - The Forum
Chris Rainsforth, Director - The Forum