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WORKSHOP: Hybrid, flexibility and future ways of working

29 Nov 2023
The Training & Networking Zone
Leadership & Culture , Workforce Management & Training

Scheduling doesn’t get any easier, however with over 20-years of best practice and learning from pioneering new ways we are better equipped than ever to design a flexibility toolkit.

Regardless of your role within the Contact Centre understanding scheduling and flexibility is an important skill to develop to ensure you do the right things for your business, your customers and most importantly your people.

This workshop will explore the challenges of scheduling and how the flexibility toolkit supports changes and how we can learn from inspirational best practice case studies.
• Learn the key concepts to build sustainable flexibility.
• Benchmark yourself by learning what other organisations have successful implemented.
• Develop understanding of the key considerations to promote a learning culture alongside an improved employee experience.

Spaces are limited, so register for the session here now!

Phil Anderson, Director - The Forum
Chris Rainsforth, Director - The Forum