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WORKSHOP: Forecasting and shaping the future with playbooks

29 Nov 2023
The Training & Networking Zone
Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency , Workforce Management & Training

The purpose isn't to predict the future it is to prepare for the future. The one thing we can predict with confidence is that the future will be uncertain.
In this workshop we will explore how to forecast uncertainty and have the right plans and playbooks in place to be prepared to deal with this.

If you’re a resource planner, data analyst, operational leader, or team manager! Understanding playbooks is critical to delivering exceptional contact centre performance so attend this workshop to learn how to manage uncertainty from strategic horizons, through to monthly operating plans, down to the on-the-day intraday operational management.

Spaces are limited, so register for the session here now!

Phil Anderson, Director - The Forum
Chris Rainsforth, Director - The Forum