IRIS Clarity

Stand: CC-M80

IRIS is the world’s most advanced audio technology company, with solutions that enable the world to Listen Well. Introducing IRIS Clarity, our new voice isolation technology. Developed by our team of engineers for Formula 1, IRIS Clarity uses advanced AI to remove all unwanted background noise in real time from contact centre calls, or virtual meetings leaving you with nothing but clear voices and conversations that flow.

IRIS Clarity is multi-directional, meaning that only one participant on a call needs the software for everyone to benefit. Seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure and software, IRIS Clarity transforms your customer calls, improving customer satisfaction and ROI.

By controlling the noise found in uncontrollable environments this lightweight solution ensures your conversations flow, allowing you to build better relationships with your customers.

IRIS Clarity will solve some of your biggest problems such as:

  • Time wasted on repetition when background noise disrupts the discussion.
  • Reduces stress and burnout of your agents by removing the factor of noise affecting positive call outcomes.
  • Improve the resolution rate of your calls, as all parties are able to hear and retain more of the information.
  • Improved customer satisfaction, calls feel more personal and effective without the background environment being a factor.

Find us opposite theatre 7 to experience our voice isolation technology first hand, or try yourself before at https://iris.audio/clarity


50 Eastcastle Street
United Kingdom
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