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Swapnil Warkar

Swapnil Warkar

Engineering Head & Principal Architect, GS Lab | GAVS

Swapnil Warkar is Engineering Head & Principal Architect at GS Lab | GAVS and has an experience of more than 16 years in IT. He leads the Multimedia practice in GS Lab | GAVS on the technology and business front. Apart from this, he also leads research in Voice Processing Domain. Swapnil focuses on addressing challenges around translating early-stage business vision to IT solutions to bring out innovation. He has won the Intel IOT Roadshow Pune-2015 for developing IoT solution and has been involved in developing IP solutions around voice, video conferencing and AI based solutions for GS Lab | GAVS and its customers. An active contributor in various blogging forums and also written whitepaper on Physiological Model of Speech Production & Speech Descriptors.