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Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson

Director, The Forum

Phil Anderson is the Director at The Forum leading our strategy of building a best-practice community of professionals and raising standards in customer operations.

Joining The Forum in late 2010, Phil has grown through a number of roles which have all been focused on the design, delivery and development of best practices. Crucial to this role is speaking to our members to understand their challenges and areas of focus to ensure we can tailor our support and help people to learn, share and ultimately transform.

Beginning his career in Contact Centres in 1999, working at Gold Medal Travel, Phil has been involved in all aspects of resource planning, data, analytics and insight and people management. Whilst at The Forum this experience has supported a number of projects and professional service assignments in different industries like: Travel, Retail, outsourcing, Insurance and Local Government.

Phil believes that a safe environment for learning and an open to all /friendly community is central for people to grow both professionally and personally.