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Ira Cohen

Ira Cohen

VP, Business Development and Marketing, MMDSmart

With experience in consumer electronics, telecommunications, and healthcare, Ira is passionate about applying new technologies to better people’s lives.

Ira is responsible for driving MMDSmart's strategic business development, and global marketing and was instrumental in the creation of its innovative CPaaS offering which couples the industry leading MessageWhiz business messaging platform, and the Call Center Connect cloud-based VoIP solution.

Ira previously held executive roles at 2 of the largest mobile phone manufacturers, Fortune 500 companies, and technology startups. He played an active role in industry efforts standardizing advanced SIM cards and authorizing civilian use of Bluetooth frequencies.

Ira has a leading role in the Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s Trusted Messaging Working group, has served on numerous industry committees, and spoken at major events including Mobile World Congress, DMEXCO, GSMA-WAS, Financial Times Mobile Leadership, MadFest, Mobileand Messaging World, Messaging and SMS Summit, and Health 2.0.

A New York native and lover of great wines and Scotch, Ira and his family live in a bucolic biblical landscape of olive groves and rocky slopes, with the bleating of grazing sheep in the valley below.