Webinar: How Industry-Leading Telcos are Using Virtual Assistants to Drive Customer Loyalty and Retention

Watch On Demand: "How Industry-Leading Telcos are Using Virtual Assistants to Drive Customer Loyalty and Retention".

Face the challenges of tomorrow’s customer contact centres with the power of conversational AI, today.

What you will learn:
1. Explore the key problems with current automated support solutions
2. Demonstrate how you can design an automated customer support solution that delights customers
3. Learn how the UK’s largest telco has deployed a voice assistant for customer service
4. Show how your company can build a voice assistant in as little as 4 weeks
5. See several clips of BT and PolyAI’s voice-based AI conversations in action


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Brad Stein

Brad Stein, Director, PolyAI

Brad has worked in the contact center industry for the past 7 years, 4 of them being in the conversational AI market. Due to his strong technical background, Brad brings a unique understanding of how Virtual Assistant technology, combined with process engineering can truly transform the customer experience while delivering on Opex reduction & ROI sales promises. Brad has worked across the North American & EMEA markets on a number of high profile projects for S&P500 and FTSE100 organizations.

Emmanuel SevrinEmmanuel Sevrin, Senior Project Manager, PolyAI

Emmanuel Sevrin is a senior product manager at PolyAI, working with clients to create business and customer value through the deployment of voice assistants. Prior to joining PolyAI, Emmanuel led a team supporting tech-driven initiatives within the United Nations' World Food Programme.

Ryan McGurkRyan McGurk, Innovation Specialist, BT

Ryan McGurk is an experienced change delivery manager with a history of working in the telecommunication industry. His current role in BT is to investigate the usability and benefits of new capabilities and technology through running POC in their customer service sector.

Have you ever been stuck in an endless loop with a voice assistant that can't help you, or keeps saying "I'm sorry, I didn't get that"? Poorly built voice assistants will frustrate your customers too.

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