Rufus Grig

Rufus Grig

CTO, Kerv/Foehn
My name is Rufus Grig and I’m the CTO at Kerv, with remit to lead the technology strategy of the Kerv group. I’ve spent many years in the contact centre / CX world – having founded Callmedia (subsequently sold to Azzurri), and then worked with both operators and vendors in the contact centre space for 25 years. I’ve always been interested in the intersection of technology and customer experience, and as a result got sucked into lots of standards and compliance work for both Ofcom and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). These days I’m more focussed in where technology is going in general – from consumer trends into front office, back office and the potential that the cloud, data and AI can unleash. In real life I’m an unpaid taxi driver and unregulated financial services provider and father to four children and when time and pandemics allow, a keen musician.