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Matthew Bryars & Grant Jannaway: Speaking at the Call and Contact Centre Expo

Matthew Bryars & Grant Jannaway

Vice Chairman - /Speik & Payment Security Manager - Vodafone  -  Speik (formerly Aeriandi)

Lessons learned from large DTMF deployments

Speik (formerly known as Aeriandi) are experienced with large enterprise deployments of DTMF suppression for PCI compliance. Speik’s DTMF solutions for both agents and IVR payment systems have been deployed at many of the UKs largest telcos, utilities, insurance and retail organisations.
We’ll be joined by Grant Jannaway, Vodafone UK Payment Security Manager for his merchant-eye view of the deployment challenges he has experienced and the lessons he’s learned.

3 key takeaways from session:

Attendees will learn how to avoid saying:
“Oops, I...”
• “had conflicts between internal corporate security policies and PCI DSS”
• “thought you were in charge of the project plan”
• “left cardholder data in my legacy call recording”

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