Mark Tindal

Mark Tindal

Head of Customer Success, BrightCloud Group

Mark is a seasoned Technical Leader, Manager and Director with a high rate of achievement over 25 years in the delivery of software and services, working with technologies such as speech recognition, voice biometrics, unified communications, natural language processing and machine intelligence, through their emergence.

Mark has an in-depth knowledge of go to market strategies for high technology products and services and conducted five years of extensive research into the psychology of customer experience and its technical and commercial application in business. He was a Turing Test judge during the Turing 100 anniversary event at Bletchley Park and is a regular speaker and chairperson at various conferences across Europe including the European Association for e-Identity & Security. Mark was also invited to provide written evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the effect to the UK and its population resulting from an unrestricted growth of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact and Collaboration industry.