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Mark Lockyer: Speaking at the Call and Contact Centre Expo

Mark Lockyer

Sales Director UK & EMEA  -  CallMiner, Inc

Real Stories and Customer Success with AI Fuelled Speech Analytics

In this day and age, every contact counts in your engagement centre. Manual QA and customer survey data with statistically imprecise results is giving way to the significant advantages of 100% interaction analytics. Join CallMiner’s Mark Lockyer as he overviews how the technology works and how it can be configured to support the measurement and improvement of CX highlighted by actual customer case studies with real, sustained outcome improvement results.

3 key delegate takeaways from session:

• Learn to how to excel in improved agent performance and customer satisfaction.
• Learn a simple and approachable way to migrate from a manual QA and survey only customer experience analysis.
• Understand how to reduce operating costs, increase sales revenue and support regulatory compliance.

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