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Marcin Szymanski: Speaking at the Call and Contact Centre Expo

Marcin Szymanski

Chief Sales Officer  -  XM Reality

Transforming call and help centers around the world with XMReality Remote Guidance fully integrated into your ticketing system

A customer calling your helpdesk will appreciate one thing above all other; a quick solution to their problem.
XMReality provides a remote guidance solution integrated to your ticket system, which enables your agents to resolve issues directly. Create new revenue streams, gain shorter time to resolution and increased first time fix rates, saving cost per ticket by using hands overlay (AR) Remote guidance. Follow industry leaders (ABB, Bühler Group, Sidel).

3 key delegate takeaways:

● How to resolve more customer issues remotely, even with complex customer issues
● The benefits of XMReality guidance solution compared to a standard call Integrated to Zendesk, Jira and salesforce among others
● See the potential of adding Remote Guidance towards training, customer interaction, issue solving and hands on interaction bridging cultural and language barriers.

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