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Marcin Szymanski

Marcin Szymanski

Chief Sales Officer, XM Reality
With over 14 years within business development globally working with some of the largest companies in the world, Marcin has implemented and refined how companies draw value from using new technologies integrated towards core systems, driving new revenue streams empowering people to grow and is regarded as an expert in his field. As Chief Sales Officer at XMReality Marcin helps customers like ABB, IKEA, GE among others to excel in their business value. Marcin has a BSc from Växjö University and an MSc in Strategic Management in Dynamic Organizations and extensive knowledge from service and industry organizations focusing on new technologies and digital platforms. With 10+ years of ERP business development working with systems like e.g SAP, Microsoft, M3 understanding all levels within a global organization. Marcin excels in understanding the needs of clients and gains trust through genuine business understanding and people skills, coaching people and companies to grow.