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Ian Colville

Ian Colville

Product Manager, Aculab PLC
Since joining Aculab in 2000, Ian Colville has played a pivotal role in the product management and product marketing of a range of Aculab's products. Ian is an accomplished speaker at both customer and industry events, and is a regular contributor of content, including blog posts and published articles, covering a broad spectrum of speech-related technologies. Ian's industry experience spans marketing, sales, customer service and project management, gained with companies involved in telecommunications, computer telephony integration, and speech signal processing. Ian has made a significant contribution in helping to drive Aculab's and its customers' successes in areas such as high performance inbound/outbound contact centre applications, and speech enabled IVR and self-service systems. Ian is the product manager for Aculab's advanced speech processing technology, which includes VoiSentry, Aculab's own voice biometric speaker verification system.