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Graham Calder: Speaking at the Call and Contact Centre Expo

Graham Calder

Digital Enablement Advisor  -  Independent Consultant

The Digital Contact Centre Gift

In his analysis of ‘upgrade’ vs ‘change’, Graham Calder reminds us of the often quoted yet frequently overlooked fact: every company is different. Graham sets out five pillars on which to base your digital transition:
1. Strategy
2. Foundation
3. Innovation
4. Migration
5. Optimisation
From setting and validating goals, through analysing organisational structure and workflows, incorporating awareness of technology and setting robust migration plans, to measuring business outcomes, Graham’s approach avoids the pitfalls of replicating assumptions in trying to replicate success.
Having led digital transformation of contact centre operations in multiple different organisations, from Ladbrokes Coral Group to Babylon Health, Graham’s wisdom provides guidance to anyone on the cusp of making the transition to cloud-based technology.

3 key delegate takeaways from session:

Find out how to recognise workforce needs and match those to the technology available.

Discover how to effectively evaluate the effect that transition to cloud actually has on the business’ performance.

Learn from Graham’s experience in migration to cloud, overcoming unforeseen setbacks, enjoying surprising benefits and figuring out “if I were to do it all over again, I would…”.

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