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Alex Deghelt

Alex Deghelt

Senior Sales Engineer, Verbio
Alex is a Telecom Engineer from LaSalle University (Spain), where he used to undertake research and teach at the Computer Science Department. Upon finishing his studies, he co-founded the first European FabLab@School in collaboration with Stanford University, applying Emerging Technologies. He has worked for top consultancy firms such as Accenture and GFT as a Consultant focused on Artificial Intelligence, Process automation, and Customer Experience among different industries. Afterward, he joined Verbio as a Senior Sales Engineer to help partners and clients improve their ecosystems by implementing Voice AI technologies and provide unrivalled customer service. His background has provided him with a deep understanding of both the technology and business worlds to engage with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. He defines himself as energetic and curious by nature, highly motivated to do things differently in challenging environments, and passionate about A.I. that "will allow Humans to be Humans again".