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PANEL: Premiumisation - The Future of Voice

29 Nov 2023
Future of the Contact Centre Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency

In this session our industry experts will explore the continually evolving role of voice in customer interactions and its emerging status as the key premium channel.
Our panel, featuring prominent voices from BPO Ascensos, and Greenwich Council, will share insights on why they believe voice has become the de facto option for consumers’ most critical conversations, and where the future lies for the industry’s original channel

Key Takeaways:
• The voice channel’s journey from afterthought to VIP option.
• How technological advancements such as voice isolation are elevating the voice channel to a premium status.
• Real-world examples and success stories that highlight the impact of quality voice interactions on customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Insights from research with Goldsmiths University on voice interactions with customers.

William Carson, Director of Market Engagement - ASCENSOS
Debbie Coveney, Head of Customer Service - Royal Borough of Greenwich
Tom Darnell, Chief Operations Officer - IRIS Clarity
Marco Ndrecaj, Director of Contact Centre Services - Shared Services Connected Ltd