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What do Team Leaders Need

29 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre
Leadership & Culture

This year I set up the Team Leader Community. An online community that has bought together over 200 Team Leaders from 15+ companies together to help overcome challenges, share best practice and become expert leaders.

What are the key things Team Leaders need from their leaders to thrive ?

What should you never do with your Team Leaders ?

How do you get the best out of your Team Leaders ?

Learn what I have learnt this year from these amazing professionals who are at the heart of our contact centres.

Key Takeaways:

  1. What your Team Leaders need from you as a Senior Leader
  2. What you should not do with your Team Leaders
  3. What Team Leaders love
  4. The biggest challenges Team Leaders face
  5. What skills will Team Leaders need in the future?
Martin Teasdale, Founder - Get out of Wrap