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Switch viability : stick or switch

29 Nov 2023
Customer Satisfaction Theatre
Digital Transformation & Engagement , Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency

Stick or twist switch
Too many organisations think an RFP will resolve their performance issues.

Whether you are looking for a new BPO partner or to replace/upgrade tech, going to RFP seems to be the common solution….but it it the only option.

We often challenge organisations, when invited in to manage an RFP process, as to what is motivating them to go to RFP? If the correct analysis has been done to ensure an RFP is the only option the off we go to RFP……..but more often than not companies rethink when challenged.

From our own research, the average cost of an RFP can be up to c.£185K, so we encourage clients to pause and consider if there is another way.
Is it really your BPO partner or your tech that' is holding you back? Could it be that you are the issue?
And that is where Avocoad55 come in….we can help you determine whether now is the right time to "stick" and to maximise your current investments (and save money not going to RFP!), and not waste valuable time or if it really is time to issue a well constructed RFP.

The stakes really are too high - can you really afford not to miss out on this insightful talk from Matt Baron, Founder Avocaod55.

Matt Baron, Founder - Avocado55