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POV: Hunter, farmer or bean counter, we’re all responsible for clients. (Oh and by the way, QBRs are dead)

30 Nov 2023
Customer Satisfaction Theatre
Leadership & Culture

With the explosion of SaaS businesses selling into the B2B market space, along with it has come terminology to redefine what we once called ‘client services’. Some might argue that Customer ‘Success’ has come to mean the very opposite; little more than an industrialised set of processes, only concerned with MRR, governed by a playbook, and ultimately depersonalising the very meaning of a successful relationship. The trouble is we’ve strayed so far from the relationship, we’re likely headed towards marriage guidance rather than renewing our vows.

In this session we’ll look at some of the practices that are killing your client relationships, reducing them to a mere NPS™ or CSat score or some other number on a dashboard. We’ll also identify what your Account Managers need from you and the wider organisation, in order to maximise their time spent on each client and build the loyalty and revenue that comes with a trusted partnership.

Key Takeaways:
 The difference between Account Management & Customer Success – is there one?
 What can you do to increase client engagement?
 Revenue isn’t built in a day – how do we best support Account Managers to increase customer spend?
 What do vampires and QBRs have in common?
 Knowing when to pack your bags and walk away from a client.

Beverley Hughes, Director - Mullard Associates