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People, Powered, Progress – Our Take on Nine to Thrive!

29 Nov 2023
Employee & Customer Experience Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Leadership & Culture

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to accelerate your transformation plans is there?
In the wake of Covid, we moved our global workforce from a traditional office-based structure to a dynamic remote hybrid workforce. As the familiar office landscape faded into a virtual equivalent, we recognised the importance of redefining our approach to employee wellbeing, engagement, and living out our company values.
During this session we will explain our journey to our current employee experience and the exciting journey ahead of us in this ever-changing world of engagement and wellbeing. From fostering employee connectivity to crafting innovative approaches to support wellbeing, we will share our People Powered Progress programme, and our take on the new Nine to Thrive and how we fostered a thriving, engaged, and values-driven remote hybrid workforce.

Key Takeaways:
• What our 3 pillars of wellbeing are
• Accountability
• Empowerment, delivering excellence
• Shaping your future, careers in contact centres
• How we bring our values to life

Amy Hollingworth, Operations Director - DDC Outsourcing Solutions
Chrissie Spencer, Director of Marketing & Communications - DDC Outsourcing Solutions