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If data is the new oil, AI is the new electricity powering Contact Centre transformation

30 Nov 2023
Future of the Contact Centre Theatre
Digital Transformation & Engagement , Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency

What will Contact Centres look like next year and beyond? Will human agents really be replaced with robots? More importantly, what will happen to the nuances and intricacies of human conversations?

While artificial intelligence (AI) has made remarkable leaps in sophistication, it’s not poised to replace humans — including Contact Center agents — anytime soon. But what is incredible, is the super-human help than humans are receiving using this transformative technology, and how organisations can unlock vast insights from their conversational data to unleash significant value from their interactions.

In this session, we’ll explore the advances in AI that are already driving transformational results for Contact Centre and the significance of the data quality that underpins these initiatives. We’ll also explore the impact of AI on the future of the Contact Centre, and how companies can begin adopting Generative AI to improve CX and EX initiatives.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about the data foundations required to fuel AI initiatives.

  2. Examples of AI achieving extraordinary results across Contact Centres and how you can achieve these results too.

  3. Learn how domain-specific AI can understand, optimise and automate conversations in the Contact Centre.

  4. Find out about current and in-progress advances in AI understanding that will impact the Contact Centre in 2023 and beyond.

Vijai Shankar, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy - Uniphore