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Hi, WHO are you today? - Introducing CARIN Deepfake Guard

30 Nov 2023
Future of the Contact Centre Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Omni-Channel & Self-Service

Join us to explore how we're tackling the pressing issue of deepfake technology. Discover how this innovative artificial intelligence-based system can safeguard your organization from the rising threat of manipulated audio and video content. Learn how CARIN Deepfake Guard's real-time detection capabilities, integrated into the acclaimed CARIN 'smart' collaboration recording system, can help you combat deepfake fraud and protect your reputation. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and secure your communications in an era where seeing and hearing can't always be believing.

Key Takeaways:
-Understanding User Demands: Gain insights into the evolving demands of users in the call recording industry and how CARIN QAi, the "smart" call recorder, is meeting these demands through innovative features.
-Unlocking AI Benefits: Explore the significant benefits of integrating AI into call recording systems, including enhanced accuracy, improved insights, and better compliance, and understand why it matters for your organization.
-Deepfake Threats and Solutions: Delve into the world of deepfake threats, their potential impact on various industries, especially the financial sector, and discover how CARIN Deepfake Guard serves as a robust solution to detect and prevent deepfake manipulation.
-Real-World Use Cases and Benefits: Explore practical use cases that showcase how CARIN Deepfake Guard can safeguard organizations and their customers. Understand the tangible benefits of deploying this technology.
-Technical Insights and Availability: Get a peek under the hood to understand the underlying technologies that power CARIN Deepfake Guard, its various operating modes, and the user experience it offers. Learn about its availability and how you can integrate it into your systems.

Csaba Juhasz PhD, CEO - TC&C
Csaba Juhasz Jr, AI Developer - TC&C