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Gamify your contact centre and reap the rewards

29 Nov 2023
Employee & Customer Experience Theatre
Digital Transformation & Engagement , Customer Experience & Engagement

Are we doing enough to motivate our agents? They’re the greatest asset in a contact centre and a lot is demanded from them, if enough isn’t done, they could burn out, resulting in high absence levels and attrition rates, not to mention poor customer service. Enter gamification… often just a buzzword, Chris looks at how it’s becoming more prevalent and if you can get it right, you’ll have an engaged, motivated, and inspired community of agents and as a result, happy customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about why gamification is important in contact centres
  • Understand the key elements of gamification
  • Tips on how to design a successful gamification program
  • Learn about different gamification techniques
  • Learn how to implement and evaluate a gamification program
Chris Mounce, Quality Assurance and Coaching Specialist - EvaluAgent