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Driving CX Excellence with ease: Compose a custom stack with telephony, CCaaS, and AI

29 Nov 2023
Connected Contact Centre Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency

The enterprises that are winning at CX are laser-focused on maximizing ROI from their contact centre communications stack. But it can get complex to assemble best-in-class solutions into a custom contact centre and scale globally. If you’re responsible for your communications stack, you’re regularly staring down challenges—like connecting conversational AI to global SIP and further to your CCaaS in the cloud.

There’s an easier way—through pre-built carrier integrations. This session uncovers how the Global 2000 are achieving composability, resiliency, and simplicity with this approach.

In this session, find out how :

  1. they build their contact centre stack their way with carrier-level integrations
  2. how to make this plug-and-play approach possible for the cloud, on-prem, and everything in between
  3. how companies like Uber and Aircall scale their contact centres globally with superior CX
Mehmet Hussein, Director, Solutions Engineering - Bandwidth