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Digital Support: Zoom’s Journey From Startup to Standout

30 Nov 2023
Contact Centre Technology Theatre
Digital Transformation & Engagement , Customer Experience & Engagement

Zoom’s Head of Digital Support, Jeff Harling, has built the company’s CX operations from a modest support team to instantly resolving millions of support issues per month. Since Zoom began offering Conversational AI to customers via the Zoom website, they’ve experienced an incredible 94% self-service rate with their intelligent chatbot, raising CSAT scores—all while reducing costs. Jeff joins Iqbal Javaid, Head of CX Solution Engineering, for a fireside chat to discuss how Zoom uses new technologies to reinvent support from the inside out.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Scalability Requires Adaptation: Hear how scaling support on a global level demands adept scaling strategies and continuous leadership adaptation to evolving needs.
  2. Tech Integration is Multifaceted: Understand how integrating new support technologies in an enterprise setting involves navigating shared budgets, stakeholder dynamics, and evolving decision-making processes.
  3. Strategic AI Integration: Examine the thoughtful consideration needed to identify the right support processes for AI automation, striking a balance between efficiency and human touch.
  4. Evaluating New Technology for CX: Evaluate what CX leaders should consider when evaluating technologies like Conversational AI beyond mere functionality, such as integration feasibility and long-term scalability.
  5. Holistic CX Leadership: Learn how effective mentoring involves imparting a holistic approach to exceptional customer experience, empathetic leadership, and a nuanced evaluation of emerging technologies.
Jeff Harling, Head of Digital Support - Zoom
Iqbal Javaid, Head of CX Solution Engineering EMEA - Zoom