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Data and insight on why great candidates would choose to work at your contact centre, or not.

29 Nov 2023
Employee & Customer Experience Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Workforce Management & Training

To deliver excellent customer service, you must attract and retain great talent. We will explore data and research from over 3,000 contact centre staff to understand why they would choose you and why they’d stay. Discover our insight in joining the dots between employee attributes, engagement and their impact on exceptional customer service delivery. Use our findings in your workforce planning, employer branding and value proposition strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A data led talent and employee experience is the key to excellent customer service.
  2. The right attraction strategy will encourage those candidate applications with the attributes you desire.
  3. There is an irrefutable link to contact centre employee performance and engagement levels.
  4. Adopting contingent blended workforce models does add to service quality levels in your operation.
  5. Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition deliver exceptional customer service experiences.
Stephen May, Chief Marketing Officer - HRGO Recruitment