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PANEL: Cultivating Commitment: Building Culture, Retention, and Development

29 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Leadership & Culture

The intersection of cultivating a positive organisational culture, employee experience and delivering optimal customer experiences has gained significant emphasis over the years. However, strategies to effectively foster an encouraging environment to develop and retain new agents continue to be a struggle for companies.

We'll be exploring how investing in employee development initiatives can elevate customer experiences, drive loyalty, and ultimately boost business success. We'll look at what you should be doing to cultivate a culture of engagement that inspires and retains top talent while delivering exceptional customer interactions.

Martin Teasdale, Founder - Get out of Wrap
Jo Garland, Senior Account Director - Webhelp
Sandrea Morgan CMgr MCMI, Head of Customer Experience - Oner Active
Martin Teasdale, Founder - Get out of Wrap
Danny Wareham, Founder and Culture & Engagement Director - Firgun