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Conversations with Colleagues: Feedback Models that work!

30 Nov 2023
Keynote Theatre
Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency , Leadership & Culture

Feedback is crucial for personal development, motivation and job satisfaction yet the act of giving feedback is one that many people avoid, for fear of conflict arising.

In this taster session, Nicola Callan, Founder of Boost, shares five feedback models that take the pain out of giving feedback to a colleague, that help the person receiving the feedback to feel empowered and that are most likely to bring about change. Plus, Nicola will explain how our brains react when one very well-known model is used, and why it should be banished!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn how the brain reacts when we get feedback
  2. Discover five models to use in different feedback situations
  3. Understand why some feedback approaches are unhelpful
  4. How to use the fallibility of the human brain to your advantage
  5. That positivity really is the secret to success.
Nicola Callan, Founder, Boost HR - Boost