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Go from legacy to legendary customer service: why AI transformation is your big bet

29 Nov 2023
Future of the Contact Centre Theatre
Digital Transformation & Engagement , Customer Experience & Engagement

Welcome to a presentation that's anything but business as usual. We're here to shake things up and explore how the 2023’s official buzzword: artificial intelligence is a tangible game-changer for your customer service today. Break free from the chains of conventional thinking and dive headfirst into the world of AI-fuelled customer service transformation.

5 takeaways:
• AI is the Differentiator: AI is the key revolutionise your customer service and stay ahead of the curve.
• Personalisation at Scale: Create personalised experiences for the masses that build lasting customer connections.
• From Agents to Super Agents: Streamline operations with AI, freeing up resources to focus on exceptional service.
• AI Unleashed, Silos Demolished: Have every team from marketing to service working together.
• Invest in the right tech – Invest right to ensure you are meeting your customers high expectations.

Vincent Washington, VP, CXM Best Practices - Sprinklr