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Future Proofing Your Contact Centre in 2024 with AI

30 Nov 2023
Contact Centre Technology Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency

How can you future-proof your contact centre and ensure long-term success? Join this session to learn the strategies and best practices for building a robust, scalable, and adaptable contact centre with the introduction of generative AI.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand what generative AI really means for contact centres, now and in the future
  2. Learn the practical applications for AI in your contact centre, and what is accessible today
  3. Discover the longer-term vision for AI and what it will mean for your workforce
  4. Learn how to choose the right AI data model for your business to build trust with your customers
  5. Develop a roadmap for adapting to changing technology trends
  6. Future-proof your operations with a flexible and agile approach
Jamie Cooper, Chief Product Officer - Natterbox
James Radford, Product Manager - Natterbox