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Beyond Words: Visual Interaction - The next phase in evolution of the contact centre

30 Nov 2023
Connected Contact Centre Theatre
Digital Transformation & Engagement , Customer Experience & Engagement

In today's rapidly evolving digital era, while consumers have adeptly woven technology into their brand interactions, the quintessential voice call in sales and support largely remains anchored in the past. This seminar unravels the intrinsic challenges of traditional voice-only communications and champions the transformative power of visual and digital engagement to augment, not replace, the invaluable human element in customer interactions.

“Show, don’t tell: The transformative power of visual engagement in sales & support calls.”

Key takeaways:

  1. Visualizing the "Cost Per Word": Dive deep into the "cost per word" metric, highlighting the profound implications of every uttered word in voice-only communications. Illuminate how integrating visual elements can drastically reduce misunderstandings, save time, and curb potential errors.

  2. Unmasking the Pitfalls of Voice-Only Dialogues: Delve into the inherent limitations of voice-only interactions. Understand how the absence of visual cues can lead to ambiguities, misinterpretations, and resultant costs from call-backs, returns, and diminished customer satisfaction.

  3. Empowering Conversations through Visual Interactions: Emphasize the game-changing potential of visual aids in reshaping communications. Discover how product displays, document sharing, and real-time screen sharing can revolutionize clarity and efficiency in conversations.

  4. Striking Harmony: Automation and Human Touch: Reflect on the delicate balance between technological advancements and the irreplaceable warmth of human interaction. Unearth the pivotal role of digitally-enhanced tools that empower agents, streamlining communication while preserving the essence of human touch.

  5. Envisioning the Future of Contact Centres: Imagine a transformative era where contact centres harmoniously combine voice, visual, and digital interactions. Discuss pioneering strategies and tools enabling businesses to pave the way for this ground-breaking integrated approach.

Pete Jones, Founder & CEO - Grypp