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The Future of Customer Contact: What's hot here and now to accelerate performance with AWS

29 Nov 2023
Employee & Customer Experience Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, customer experience (CX) has become a key differentiator for organisations across many varying industries. It seems that to stay ahead of the competition, leaders must reframe their strategies and prioritise their customer’s journey.

When it comes to the trendy term ‘CX’, technology often takes centre stage. Evaluating and adopting the right tools and platforms is crucial, sure, but it is equally important to align these technological advancements with your strategic objectives. It is essential to keep in mind that shiny new things are not what matters here; what matters is the underlying message to help you get it right.

At the core of customer experience lies the customers' sentiments and their willingness to interact. Positive experiences, often shared through word-of-mouth or online reviews, attract new customers and drive purchase decisions. On the flip side, negative experiences can have a detrimental effect, leading to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of potential business opportunities. There really is no surprise that organisations today are prioritising CX as part of their strategic goals to win in ways that haven’t always been necessary.

Harriet Carr, Customer Success Manager - Gamma
Russell Yeates, CX Specialist - AWS - Amazon Web Services (AWS)