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Conversational Everything - Be where your customers are

30 Nov 2023
Connected Contact Centre Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Omni-Channel & Self-Service

Customers expect you to see them where they are. Rich Messaging opens up your best communicators to customers throughput your relationship. David will take you through the journey to conversational everything, using the right mix of communication channels, AI & automation to attract, serve & keep customers with the highest levels of customer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprises need to embrace Rich Messaging your customers expect it
  • Whether Attracting new clients, supporting or retaining existing ones, conversation is key
  • Personalised, Relevant, Timely are the watch words for conversational engagement
  • Conversations are for every department go beyond service
  • The right partner can deliver benefits early and accelerate your journey to conversational everything
David Creasey-Benjamin, Future Messaging Evangelist - Cisco