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Do right by your customers & drive a better culture for your people

29 Nov 2023
Employee & Customer Experience Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Workforce Management & Training

Knowing exactly what is going on in your contact centre, what transpires between your customers and agents during the call, and how well your agents adhere to compliance and quality guidelines is critical to long-term success.

Join Mark Lockyer from CallMiner as he showcases how real-time conversation analytics and guidance can enable your organisation to manage customer experience, agent performance, vulnerability, operational efficiency, process adherence and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How AI can fuel immediate benefits for your customers
  2. Practical use cases to improve employee wellbeing, engagement using real-time guidance
  3. Ways to leverage conversation intelligence technology to promote a culture of continuous improvement
  4. Top tips on empowering your teams to do more with less
  5. Tactics to control and reduce costs in this difficult economic climate
Mark Lockyer, International Sales Director - CallMiner