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Which is most important… Customer Vulnerability, Employee Well-Being or Agent Performance?

30 Nov 2023
Connected Contact Centre Theatre
Customer Experience & Engagement , Contact Centre Operations & Efficiency

Each of these factors is crucial, and their importance can vary depending on the industry, company values, and current circumstances. Together Ian and Dacil will provide valuable insights into the practical applications of managed speech analytics and how it can address changing organisational needs. It's a great opportunity for the audience to learn from real-world experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the topic.
The seminar will ask if the right questions are being asked to gain meaningful insights. Ian will shed light on the effectiveness of managed speech analytics in addressing the changing needs of business organisations, while Dacil will emphasise the importance of formulating relevant questions to obtain actionable insights.

Key Takeaways:
• The importance of asking the right questions to gain meaningful insights.
• The effectiveness of managed speech analytics in meeting the evolving needs of business organisations.
• The significance of formulating relevant questions to ensure that the insights obtained are actionable.
• Showcase real-world application use cases to illustrate how these principles are put into practice.
• Insights into where the field of speech analytics is headed in the future, including emerging technologies and applications.

Dácil Borges, Global Director Consultancy - Xdroid
Ian Taylor, Head of CX Commercial - Avoira