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Does TikTok Hold The Secrets to Maximising Customer Satisfaction?

30 Nov 2023
Customer Satisfaction Theatre
Digital Transformation & Engagement , Workforce Management & Training

Join Saurav Chopra founder and CEO of and explore how TikTok holds the secrets to effective call centre training and employee engagement. In this session we will cover how implementing microlearning in call centres can improve operational effectiveness, core KPIs and customer satisfaction through concise, targeted training that will resonate with your workforce.


  1. Why TikTok Holds The Secrets for Effective Employee Training
  2. Training the New Generation of Employees
  3. Advantages of Microlearning
  4. Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Core Operational KPIs
  5. How to Successfully Implement Micro-Training
Saurav Chopra, Founder - 5mins