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The conversation around Unified Communications has gone far beyond phone systems. Today, UC is an entire ecosystem of technology and solutions designed to change the way we work and live. A job is no longer a physical place that you go to; work is where you get things done - whether that's on your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you can accomplish your goals as quickly and effectively as possible, then your productivity and daily satisfaction levels will soar.That's why we created UC Today.We're your leading authority on communication and collaboration technology. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about the changing workplace, from daily news to reviews of the latest products and brands. We're also a team that likes to dig a little deeper with our content and take a more in-depth view of the trends and people influencing the industry.We believe that experience is everything. Customer experience, user experience, and team experience form the ethos of our publication and help us to provide you with guidance that will steer your company towards success in a complex modern world. Whether you're involved in advising, implementing, supporting or using UC solutions, we'll be your partner in transformation. At UC Today, we'll put everything you need to know about communication into context and give you the expert analytics and opinions you can trust.Sponsored Content PromiseTo make sure that we can keep this publication up and running we do display sponsored content and advertising on our site. However, we work with many of the most trustworthy brands in the world to ensure our quality remains high. We also promise that any recommendations we make will come to you straight from our editorial team and won't be reliant on who's paying us the most.We hope you enjoy being a part of the UC Today community.
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