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08 Sep 2020

ResponseTap launches Speech AI to easily identify call outcomes


ResponseTap, Europe’s leading call tracking provider, has today announced the launch of its Speech Analytics offering. The new product includes Speech AI, which uses advanced machine learning to capture call outcomes with more accuracy than any other product in the space.

The Speech Analytics tools enable marketers to analyse their inbound phone calls and easily capture a wealth of valuable insights hidden within these conversations. Marketing teams can aggregate commonly spoken phrases and keywords into topics and then categorise outcomes of calls accordingly. This information can then be used to understand which marketing activities are driving the most valuable calls, measure channel performance and optimise future campaigns.  

Alexander Soldatikhin, Digital Marketing Product Owner at British Gas, said: “Using ResponseTap’s Speech AI we have been able to gain a better understanding of which marketing activities have driven more value for the business, improve customer journeys and optimise marketing campaigns for a better ROI. The AI model built by the ResponseTap team has helped us achieve a higher level of accuracy than the current market benchmark, allowing us to manage marketing budgets more efficiently and support business growth. We are planning to continue using the solution and apply it across new channels and products.”

Ross Fobian, CEO of ResponseTap commented on the launch: “Speech analytics to this level of accuracy is something the industry has been trying to develop for years. With Speech AI, ResponseTap is providing customers with a cost-effective solution that is twice as accurate in outcome tracking as other tools on the market. We’re delighted to be launching a superior offering that beats the industry benchmarks by leaps and bounds, enabling sales and marketing teams to thrive, in what remains a challenging period.”



Providing the missing piece of data to optimise marketing spend and increase phone call conversion rates, ResponseTap’s products gives brands and contact centres incomparable power. Since 2008 the business has been pioneering advanced visitor-level call tracking, heralding many industry firsts, including integration into Google AdWords and Google Analytics. In 2020 ResponseTap launched its ground-breaking contact centre product Ember, to personalise the phone call experience and, in an industry-first, kill off the need for businesses to use IVRs.

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