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25 Jun 2020

On-Demand Webinar: Augmenting, Adapting and Accelerating with a Cloud Contact Center

Lenore Files, Twilio

These are certainly extraordinary times both personally and professionally. With the new reality of social distancing and ‘shelter-in-place’ orders, businesses worldwide are scrambling to adapt to this new climate. Nowhere is this more evident than in contact centers, who bear the massive burden of inbound and outbound communications.

Organizations are looking for alternatives to quickly adapt in order to successfully support their customers and communities while protecting their existing investment. The key is to expand and modernize their customer experience at their own pace. Being able to expand digital engagement with increased speed, automate responses and even scale services to other territories or geographies.

Join us for a session where we will show you how to augment your existing solutions. Whether migrating from on-premises to cloud through augmentation, or moving directly to the cloud, we will show you how they are doing it with Twilio and the positive impacts they are experiencing to date.

 Available On-Demand

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