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16 Nov 2021

Deliver 95% Cost Savings to Your Contact Centre with AI and Automation

Deliver 95% Cost Savings to Your Contact Centre with AI and Automation

Britannic Technologies will be presenting at ‘Call and Contact Centre Expo’ on how to build an effective customer interaction suite with automation and AI technology. You will gain insight on how to modernise your contact centre with cloud and unified communications technology and optimised workflows that help reduce costs and improve customer service.

Jonathan Sharp, Director comments, “The world has changed enormously since the pandemic and the growth of digital channels has exploded; companies need to recognise and embrace technology to not only differentiate themselves but to survive.”

The growing demand of 24/7 customer service and digital expectations from customers is set to continue and automation and self-service are key to delivering a seamless experience. Automation and AI technology can handle a multitude of digital interactions across several channels including phone, email, SMS, Whatsapp and other social media channels to automate, encourage customers to self-serve and hand off enquiries when customers need to speak to an agent.

“Businesses need to understand the challenges they face and work with Solution Providers to see how technology can solve them. Automation and AI can reduce costs dramatically, the cost of a live phone call is £4.00 compared to the cost of an AI interaction which is 20p, imagine the savings across thousands of interactions, it’s colossal.

This also enables you to increase the return on your human capital, by giving agents

higher value transactions only and handing off the high volume, repetitive tasks to a Bot. The next stage, and the most critical is to study the data and design an approach for blending automation with Bots and people. It is about using intelligence to make business decisions that will reap results,” Sharp concludes.

For more information on how to modernise your call and contact centre visit Jonathan Sharp’s presentation on 16th November from 11.45-12.15 in the Contact Centre Transformation theatre.

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