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Build a team of agent brand guardians with Calabrio’s new game

Build a team of agent brand guardians with Calabrio’s new game

At a time when 1 in 3 consumers (60%) have switched brands due to negative contact centre experiences— it’s time to take action.  Promote your agents to brand guardian status with the power to enhance customer loyalty, company perception, and boost profits.      

Calabrio has designed a new game to kickstart the journey towards effective brand guardianship in a fun, collaborative way.   Encourage everyone to participate—agents, managers, planners, and operations—to see what is needed to re-energise your agents and your customer interactions.  Each player simply guides the agent through their working day, helping them to “power up” with a series of tech tools and best practices, including performance coaching, virtual assistants for agents, mobile self-scheduling, and analytics driven insights. As the agent powers up, the player earns customer experience (CX) points and delivers the best brand experiences. 

And, the more points the better!  Aim for 250+ CX points for the chance to win Apple AirPods. The highest scoring player each month will win a ReMarkable digital notebook.  Are you ready to build a team of brand guardians? 


Power Up!

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