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Why Telavox? Your business depends on great communication. Externally, with your clients and suppliers, and internally, for collaboration. Fragmented and disconnected communication creates friction, costs, and lost opportunities. The solution is Unified Communications. How does it work? Telavox offers a unified platform for all your business communication, enabling a simpler and more cost-effective way to communicate and collaborate. Improved customer experience and a coherent customer journey. (No more missed calls, and statistics to monitor performance). Improved internal collaboration (and the end of silos!). Seamless communication across multiple channels and presence technology to show who`s available. What is Telavox? Telavox is your corporate telephony, PBX, video, chat and conferences - conveniently gathered in just one system. Telavox is easy to integrate with your current tech stack (such as CRM systems and contact centre) and will give you a competitive edge as soon as you press `install`. This is what our customers love the most about us: The easy administration. The user-friendly interface means no more need for external help to make changes. You can manage your PBX, add users and order SIM cards in mere seconds. Flexible licenses and complete cost control. This allows you to quickly scale up and down, which mitigates risk and helps you avoid unnecessary costs. Quick and reliable support. With Telavox, you get your own dedicated Advisor that understands your business and helps you all the way from purchase to successful implementation.


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