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TechSee Augmented Vision

Stand: CC-AJ36
Contact centers continue to struggle with rising call volume, high levels of repeat calls, increasing issue complexity and sky-high agent attrition. To enhance efficiency and drive agent engagement, leading companies realize that they need to bridge the visual gap in customer service. When contact center agents are essentially feeling their way in the dark, resolving issues is a time-consuming, high-effort experience for both them and the customer. TechSee revolutionizes the customer service domain by providing the first cognitive visual solution powered by Computer Vision AI and Augmented Reality. When a customer faces a device, documentation or software issue, the contact center agent sets up a live video stream with them over web connection - no download required. By seeing exactly what the customer sees, the agent identifies the problem and provides clear, step-by-step visual guidance in the form of AR annotations on the customer`s screen. This reduces customer effort, enables faster, more effective resolutions and boosts loyalty. TechSee also provides contact centers agents will real-time visual decision support. Using proprietary Computer Vision AI, the system instantly recognizes devices and identifies their issues, offering visual resolution steps which the agent shares with the customer. TechSee empowers the world`s leading enterprises to deliver visual customer experience that significantly reduces service costs, enhances quality, and delivers intelligent fully automated service over time. TechSee is trusted by leading global groups in multiple industries to drive their digital transformations, demonstrating proven ROI and repeatable KPI improvements across dozens of implementations, including increasing First Contact Resolution rates, reducing Average Handling Time and improving customer satisfaction. TechSee is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in London, New York and Madrid.


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