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SalesMatch behavioural assessments for contact centre agents. SalesMatch specialises in psychometric behavioural assessments specifically for contact centre agents. Its cloud-based profiling service enables call & contact centres to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively, identify the right candidate/contact centre agent for the job role. The SalesMatch behavioural assessment tool is based on the DISC personality theory of psychologist William Marston. Marston. The DISC theory is now recognised throughout the world and used my thousands of companies. The Core Objective The core objective for any Contact Centre Manager is to understand why certain agents act and respond differently in a sales or customer service environment. Imaging the effect of the following primary character traits in a contact centre: Very High Attention to detail - could be good with technical sales but doesn`t listen to buying signals and over informs the prospect. Very High Pace - may not get results as quick as they would like, find it difficult to be sat in one place for a long time. Leave due to frustration. Identifying the Right Person: The primary natural character variations, if correctly identified, go a significant way to answering why agent `A` is good at getting new business, but bad at dealing with customer support issues, and why agent `B` never hits sales targets, has a low call rate, and tends to have a lot of time off work. Putting the right person in the job role has become the key focus in the drive to improve contact centre revenue and efficiency. The SalesMatch behavioural assessment tool, can support the interview processes, by identifying important natural character traits and information, that may indicate a candidates suitability for a given role in a contact centre. Used at the early stage of the recruitment process, will enable better informed selection, resulting in higher performance and significantly reduced agent turnover. The most effective way to identify the right behavioural profile for your contact centre, is to benchmark the top and bottom performers in each different functional area. This way the psychometric tool is fine tuned to a particular contact centre. Once this has been completed, it will also provide quality information about agents that may perform better in another department. SalesMatch Contact Centre Behavioural Reports: • Reduce Agent Churn = By selecting the right agent for the role • Increase Performance = By matching the character profile to the task • Reduce Time Off = A well matched profile to the role reduced work stress SalesMatch is a UK company, successfully delivering its profiling service throughout the world.


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United Kingdom
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