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Mediatel Data

Stand: CC-AH92
Having as the main value Customer satisfaction, we respond to the challenges launched by them, developing solutions that respond to their business and technological needs regardless of the domain of activity in which they operate. During this time we have developed a suite of applications interconnected with the telephony platform, such as the management and administration of non-vocal interactions - ticketing platform, workforce management, video inspector app, etc. With an internal team of dedicated developers and technical engineers, we manage to implement the most complex systems in a short time by applying project management methodologies adapted to our specific clients. We are agile in what we do and have the resources necessary to develop long-term partnerships. In the last years, we set up an AI team that develops solutions dedicated to the field in which we operate and we have customized NLU implementations in the banking, utilities or medical services, developing AI engines regarding the management of non-vocal interactions or even non-vocal communication through the term of advanced bots. Well-known companies are already using our services and this credits our work for over 24 years of best practices and experience! We believe in our technology created and its potential to accelerate communication!


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