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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



We`re an independent agency, existing to help the world have great conversations. Our work is focused on one of the hardest places there is to have great conversations: customer service. But we apply our expertise to other conversational situations and scenarios too.
We use a mix of consumer insights, tone of voice understanding, service know-how and behavioural science principles, to empower people - to help humans converse successfully with technology and each other.
At Call and Contact Centre Expo this year we're showcasing Mazaru Insights®. Our digital wise monkey blends behavioural science and AI to analyse your content and comms. It keeps an eye on written customer comms across all touchpoints - making it easy to check that they're working as hard as they can to boost satisfaction, increase sales and reduce service contact.
Some of our results for leading brands:
Virgin Holidays - boosted advisor sales opportunities by 30%
Avios - improved webchat CSat by 10%
Nectar - increased phone and webchat CSat 12%
TalkTalk - reduced calls to advisors by 10%
Where our work is used:
All customer touchpoints including chatbots, voice assistants, knowledge management systems, website FAQ answers, bills, letters, emails, SMS texts, social, webchats, face-to-face and the phone.

Tel: 0330 123 9930

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